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Aptamer Solutions provides bespoke services to the life sciences sector including the development and manufacture of DNA and RNA aptamers.

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Aptamer Therapeutics specialises in the development of nucleic acid Aptamer Drug Conjugates (ApDCs) using our automated discovery platform.

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Aptasort have combined a biomarker enrichment process with our aptamer isolation protocols yielding a first-in-kind discovery process.

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Aptamer Diagnostics is a contract research organisation created to respond to the need for faster, more accurate and more diverse diagnostics.


- August 3, 2018

RT @EBRmagazine: Given the increased usage of antibody-drug conjugates in #cancertherapy, it's more important than ever to address their li…
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- August 3, 2018

RT @2BScientific: Hooray, we love a bit of good news! We will now be supplying @AptamerGroup products after the recent signing of the agree…
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- July 11, 2018

Have you seen the latest issue of #EuropeanBiopharmaceuticalReview ? Our team have written a great article about Ta… https://t.co/8CbOSYTD0q
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- July 3, 2018

Make sure you come and speak with us to find out more about #aptamers and how they can enhance your companies pipel… https://t.co/0BnzruaTGB
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