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Aptamer Solutions provides bespoke services to the life sciences sector including the development and manufacture of DNA and RNA aptamers.

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Aptamer Therapeutics specialises in the development of nucleic acid aptamers as candidate molecules for therapeutic applications.

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Aptasort have combined a biomarker enrichment process with our aptamer isolation protocols yielding a first-in-kind discovery process.

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Aptamer Diagnostic is a contract research organisation created to respond to the need for faster, more accurate and more diverse diagnostics.


- June 21, 2017

We have a variety of opportunities available here at Aptamer Group. Email us or click here for more details: https://t.co/bceADpm1j9
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- June 16, 2017

AptaFact: monoclonal antibodies are made in vivo but aptamers are made in vitro under strict QC conditions #aptamer #antibodyalternative
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- June 16, 2017

Read our quarterly update to find out about the latest developments at Aptamer Group #aptamer #antibodyalternative https://t.co/CmgqwgHNAl
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- June 9, 2017

AptaFact: while antibodies only interact with antigens, aptamers can be raised to any target #aptamers #antibodyalternative
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- June 8, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn and Rebecca Long-Bailey Visit @yorksciencepark and visit Aptamer Group https://t.co/KvEtXvEhQG
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