The Aptamer group of companies focuses on the development of aptamer technologies. We develop nucleic acid aptamers for use in research & development, biomarker discovery, diagnostics or therapeutic developments. Aptamers are short ssDNA or ssRNA sequences that offer high-affinity and specificity to virtually all types of targets. Aptamers are versatile, cost effective and offer a complementary or alternative solution to antibodies. We have over 20 years combined expertise in the development of nucleic acid aptamers to peptides, proteins, cells, tissue samples, micro-organisms and small molecules.

Servicing all your aptamer needs

The Aptamer group brings together various aptamer technology driven companies to provide a range of services to the life sciences industry. Over the coming decades aptamer technology will have a profound effect on the life science market helping provide more cost-effective solutions to end users. We aim to address market needs through our group which has companies specialising in: the provision of high quality R&D consumables and high throughput aptamer screening services through Aptasol, biomarker discovery and validation tools Aptasort, diagnostics devices / reagents Aptadx and therapeutic lead compounds Aptarx.

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Aptamers are nucleic acid molecules made from DNA or RNA. Aptamers bind to other molecules with a higher degree of specificity and sensitivity than antibodies. Aptamers also have few of the drawbacks associated with antibodies, making them suitable replacements in many applications. The aptamers we develop are used in a variety of areas of life sciences research ranging from R&D consumables; such as, fluorescence microscopy &, flow cytometry probes through to purification (immunoprecipitation-like) reagents. We develop aptamers for use in clinical and non-clinical diagnostics and as candidate molecules for targeted therapeutics. We have also developed a first in-kind biomarker discovery process, which is set to breathe new life into the proteomics market. Our aptamers are currently being used in a variety of scenarios where antibodies have failed and are being expertly combined with microfluidics, electrochemical sensors and various nanotechnologies.

The manufacturing costs and development times for monoclonal antibodies are several times higher and several times longer than the corresponding aptamer-based solution. Low manufacturing costs and speed of delivery means aptamers can be used at some point along the drug discovery process to facilitate the development of diagnostics and treatments.

Our Vision

We strive to be the leading supplier of aptamer related technology delivering transformational aptamer technologies to the life science market.

Our Mission

At the heart of Aptamer group is the passion to deliver powerful science through discipline and dedication. We are driven by innovation and the desire to develop transformational technology. We are committed to offering the best possible service to our customers and provide access to aptamer technologies across a wide range of disciplines.

Our Values


Our know-how and experience make us one of the leading aptamer suppliers world-wide.


We are entrepreneurial in our vision working with customers to improve, innovate and add value to their projects.


We believe firmly in partnership, collaboration and delivering excellence by interdisciplinary research and development.