Combinatorial Library

Our aptamer combinatorial libraries have approximately one quadrillion (1015) different molecules, giving you unprecedented sequence diversity.

Aptamers are isolated from degenerate combinatorial libraries consisting of between 1015  – 1018 sequences. This huge diversity is derived from a stretch of random nucleotides, typically 20 – 80 nucleotides in length, giving 420 to 480 possible sequence combinations.

An average combinatorial chemical library consists of approximately 100,000 classes of molecules, with the better libraries consisting of approximately 1 million molecules. In contrast, recombinant phage display libraries (such as those used to make HuCAL libraries) have approximately 45 billion different structures. These libraries are ~ 45,000 times bigger than a large combinatorial chemical library.

An aptamer library is 22,000 times bigger than a recombinant phage display library and a billion times bigger than a large combinatorial chemical library.