Rapid Development

Automated – Consistent – Reliable – Fast

Our automated selection systems using the latest high-throughput technologies allow us to offer rapid development of aptamers with  unparalleled precision  and accuracy.

We offer a staged platform for aptamer development, offering the user explicit control over the process.

Phase 1 – Target Preparation & Validation – 2 weeks

Aptamer Group allows confirmation of whether a high-affinity aptamer will be able to be raised to your target within two weeks of the project beginning.

Phase 2 – Aptamer Population Selection – 5-7 weeks

Using our high-throughput platform, we aim to complete aptamer selection in as little as 5 weeks.

Phase 3 – Selectivity Profiling (Characterisation) – 2 weeks

Aptamers produced are profiled using functional assays in the appropriate buffer/matrix

Phase 4 – Individual Aptamer Identification – up to 8 weeks

This process converts a ‘polyclonal’ aptamer mix into a list of ‘monoclonal’ aptamers. Individual aptamers are assessed for target affinity.