Aptamer Proof of Concept Screening Services

Want to see whether an aptamer can be raised for your protein targets?

Screening service available for peptide chains, proteins and enzymes

  • Struggling to get an immune response for your target analyte?
  • Have your antibodies stopped functioning in your downstream assay?
  • Is cross reactivity in your assay a problem?
  • Antibody projects taking too long and delivery too little?
  • Prefer to use a higher quality more specific non-animal affinity reagent?

Using our proprietary high-throughput process, we can screen targets to determine:

  • Target amenability for adhesion to support matrix
  • Protein quantity required for subsequent aptamer selection
  • Likelihood of raising an aptamer with high affinity and specificity

Download our example report:

For price enquiries, please contact: info@aptamergroup.co.uk