Aptamers for Purification Columns

Aptamer Mediated Affinity Chromatography (AMAC)

Custom Developed Purification / Chromatography Columns

Aptamer modification also permits immobilization of the aptamer on to the surface of a compatible resin. The immobilised aptamers can then be used to capture specific targets from complex mixture by Aptamer Mediated Affinity Chromatography (AMAC). The high specificity of aptamers for their respective targets means that a higher degree of purification should be possible than can be achieved by traditional affinity chromatography processes. This also means that native proteins may be expressed and purified without the need for additional tags (e.g. Hexa-Histidine tags). This would also negate the need for cleavage and additional purification steps.

Unlike antibody based immuno-depletion columns, aptamer columns are more readily regenerated and may be reused several times without significant loss of function. In addition to this, specific elution steps may be built in to the selection process to facilitate these regeneration steps. Purification columns of this nature are now in use for preconcentraion / purification of various environmental / food contaminants before analysis by mass spectrometry.