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- September 18, 2019

We are looking for an enthusiastic, proactive individual to join our commercial lab team as Selection Technician. I… https://t.co/UNX0AYrMHu
h J R

- August 27, 2019

Aptamers in biosensors have many real world applications. One group has been using them to improve Malaria diagnosi… https://t.co/DGRmY24qno
h J R

- August 6, 2019

Aptamers are a useful tool for discriminating between different modifications on proteins. This makes them suitable… https://t.co/yYG8QYXcF0
h J R

- August 1, 2019

We are currently recruiting for a Selection Technician. Please head over to our website to find out more and apply. https://t.co/G3eEGfssA5
h J R

- July 30, 2019

Aptamer based biosensors are becoming a useful tool for the early detection of cancer. Here we discuss one method… https://t.co/jL6yqdwUyI
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