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- June 11, 2019

Would you like to have confidence that your aptamer is suitable for a range of situations? We do. Read todays blo… https://t.co/6DhhPFuJJH
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- June 5, 2019

How do you store aptamers? Do they need to be shipped on dry ice? Can I use them in vivo? Our latest blog answers… https://t.co/MAc4uOD4Vi
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- May 21, 2019

Our latest blog introduces how aptamers can be used for food and environmental testing. Why not learn more by click… https://t.co/IQGCOm1Jk6
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- May 15, 2019

As both aptamers and siRNAs are composed of nucleic acid, it is relatively straightforward to combine aptamers with… https://t.co/Z1eN5u1kPy
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- May 7, 2019

Glycosylation patterns provide an insight into what is happening ‘beneath the surface’. See how aptamers can be use… https://t.co/kbnwh73U6w
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