What is an Aptamer?

  • Nucleic acid sequence selected for its ability to bind specifically to a target ligand.
  • Sometimes referred to as ‘nucleic acid antibodies’.
  • Aptamers have a flexible backbone which allows aptamers to wrap around small molecule targets.

Why Aptamers?

  • Aptamers fill the gaps left in the affinity ligands market.
  • Aptamers can be generated against greater range of targets, including toxic and non-immunogenic targets which are not suitable for antibody generation.
  • Aptamers are isolated using an in vitro selection approach. No animals are used at any stage during their isolation, development, refinement or downstream production. This gives them an ethical advantage in a market which is trying to steer away from animal use as far as possible.
  • Security of supply and ease of production are key drivers; unlike antibodies, aptamers do not change with time
  • Aptamers are readily soluble and can be stored dry; simplifying their transport as no ‘cold chain storage’ is required.

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- February 13, 2019

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- February 5, 2019

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