About Aptamer Group

Aptamer Group Ltd. is a world-leading provider of bespoke nucleic acid aptamer selection and development services.  We have utilised our many years of experience, cutting edge approach and liquid handling platforms, to deliver aptamer based solutions for a wide variety of needs with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic customers; as well as academic and research institutions across the globe.

The UK based company consists of 3 specialist subsidiaries; each with a focus on a different application area in the life sciences.

Aptamer Solutions

Our custom aptamer selection service has been established to fulfil your unmet affinity ligand needs. We utilise specialised aptamer selection approaches, specifically adapted to meet the requirements of key target types (e.g. small molecules, proteins / peptides or whole cells / tissues etc). We select our aptamers using a semi-automated, high-throughput aptamer selection approach, based on Design-of-Experiment (DoE) principals, to deliver high quality aptamers which are tailored to your end application.

Aptamer Diagnostics

Our aptamers are selected with specific application goals in mind. Our highly skilled team can assist in the integration of aptamers in a wide variety of diagnostic assay formats; including Western Blots, ELISA-like assays, fluorescence-based assays or Lateral Flow Devices, as well as many common sensor platforms; including Surface Plasmon Resonance, Biolayer Interferometry, Resistive Pulse Sensing, Microscale Thermophoresis etc. We also have tailored aptamer selection processes to meet your needs in tissue staining, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), fluorescence imaging, flow cytometry and Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS).

Aptamer Therapeutics

Aptamers can be selected directly against highly complex materials, including whole cells, viruses, bacteria, tissue sections etc. This means that we can isolate aptamers which target a specific cell type(s) or region within a tissue (in a hypothesis-free approach) and which do not bind to other related materials. This makes our aptamers excellent targeted delivery vehicles for a wide variety of cargos; including chemotherapeutic agents, siRNA, synthetic virions, synthetic genes etc. In addition, the ease and reliability of aptamer production and labelling means that reformatting issues seen with Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) development, can be completely bypassed with Aptamer Drug Conjugates (ApDCs). We are collaborating with world-leading pharmaceutical companies to co-develop these next generation of targeted therapeutics.


Aptamer Group (and its subsidiaries) strive to remain the world-leading supplier of transformational aptamer-based solutions to the problems faced by our customers, throughout the life sciences. Our unique approach to aptamer selection, offers real solutions by providing novel affinity ligands which are specifically tailored to the end application; simplifying downstream application in diagnostic, therapeutic and research applications.



Our highly experienced team come from a variety of backgrounds and have complimentary skill-sets, to ensure that we offer the premier service. Over half of our lab team are PhD trained in a variety of aptamer selection and characterisation techniques and we have >70 years of combined experience in this field. This is complimented by a highly experienced process and production manager, lab manager and support staff, to ensure that projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Our team also have considerable experience in process development and adaptation, which allows us to tailor our selection approaches to suit any customer application. This is coupled with expertise in process automation and understanding of the Design of Experiment (DoE) approach to problem solving. Combined, these factors give us an unparalleled aptamer selection process with incredible success rates.

We have successfully applied our experience and processes to successfully deliver projects for a number of the top 10 Global Pharma companies, as well as several diagnostic development companies, and many research Institutes and University groups.

Aptamer Group aptamers have developed aptamers against most target types, including small molecules, peptides, proteins and protein complexes, viruses, bacteria and mammalian cells, whole tissues and FFPE sections. These aptamers have been successfully used in a range of applications, including; ELISA-like assays, Lateral Flow Devices, fluorescence based assays, a number of biosensor platforms, protein purification, fluorescence microscopy, cell & tissue imaging, flow cytometry and FACS, targeted drug delivery and many others.

“Aptamer Group are committed to developing Aptamer Solutions to customer problems and to fill the gaps left unmet by underperforming antibodies and other affinity ligand technologies.” – Dr Arron Tolley, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.



Aptamer Groups technologies are centred around their automated platforms, which allows parallel processing and selection of aptamers against multiple targets (and target types). This parallel processing enables aptamer selection through a Design of Experiments (DoE) approach which greatly increases our success rate as well as increasing bandwidth.

We also recognise that aptamer selection is not a ‘one size fits all’ process; so have developed distinct processes for isolation of aptamers against small molecules, proteins and cell / tissue based targets. These selection approaches are readily adapted to ensure that our aptamers are readily integrated into our customer workflows, by incorporating ‘end application criteria’ into our aptamer isolation processes. This reduces the downstream process development and speeds up delivery of a viable product.

Aptamer Group have also developed a number of assay formats, including a game changing gain-of-signal assay for small molecule detection, which does not rely on sandwich pairs or competition with labelled small molecules (as required in many small molecule ELISA and LFD assays). This greatly simplifies development of diagnostics for small molecule targets (such as chemotherapeutics, food contaminants, environmental pollutants, drugs of abuse etc), where pairs of affinity ligands are near impossible to develop.



At Aptamer Group we believe that successful aptamer isolation and integration is a highly collaborative process. We undertake an in-depth consultation to fully understand the requirements of our customers application before any project is initiated. Clear project goals and success criteria are defined up front. Once a project is started, every customer is kept informed of their project status, through regular communication and reporting of data generated throughout our aptamer development pipeline. The inclusion of project milestones and ‘stop/go’ decision points, keeps our customers in charge of their projects and allows both monitoring and adjustment of project criteria to ensure that end goals are met.



Aptamer Group have a strong desire to bring aptamer technology to the whole scientific community. We understand that different customers find it easier to work with different business models. We therefore operate a variety of flexible models, ranging from a simple Fee For Service model, through to a full collaborative development program. We also support both industrial and academic grant applications, in areas of mutual interest.

Our experience has shown that grant applications are more successful if evidence of prior collaboration and Proof-of-Concept data is included. We find that our Feasibility Study serves as an excellent source of information to support these applications.

Aptamer Group understand the value of working alongside academic and research institutions. We are delighted to offer our AGARO program; through which we offer our Aptamer Selection services to these institutions on a more collaborative basis.

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