About Aptamer Group

Aptamer Group is a biotechnology company founded in 2008 by Dr Arron Tolley (CEO) & Dr David Bunka (CTO). It was established based on technology to develop aptamers, nucleic acid molecules with affinity and selectivity for a specified target, as an alternative to antibodies.

The company was initially grant funded and involved in collaborative projects to establish the technology and processes. Our proprietary technology has been available for a number of years to customers wanting to develop affinity / binding molecules for a range of uses.

Aptamer Group is recognised as a key player in the aptamer selection market offering customers access to an accelerated aptamer selection platform that delivers tailor-made high-affinity, highly specific molecules for use in a variety of scenarios.

In summary, we help customers select ssDNA and/or RNA aptamers against their target of interest for development as potential bio-therapeutics, research tools, diagnostic reagents and/or biomarker discovery tools.

The founders of Aptamer Group working in a lab.
Left: Dr Arron Tolley (CEO) Right: Dr David Bunka (CSO)

Servicing All Your Aptamer Needs

Aptamer Group brings together various aptamer technology driven companies to provide a range of services to the life sciences industry. Over the coming decades aptamer technology will have a profound effect on the life science market helping provide more cost-effective solutions to end users. We aim to address market needs through our group which has companies specialising in: the provision of high quality R&D consumables and high throughput aptamer screening services through Aptasol,  diagnostics devices / reagents Aptadx and therapeutic lead compounds Aptarx

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