Why Aptamer Group

Aptamer Group is housed in modern facilities in the Bio Centre on York Science Park. Through recruitment of scientific specialists and industry trained technicians, the company is a world leader in aptamer selection, aptamer modification and their development and functional testing for a range of applications.

Our team of experts are continually expanding knowledge in the field by:

  • having a dedicated R&D department,
  • contributing with scientific posters, literature reviews and presenting at aptamer science dedicated conferences and seminars,
  • working closely with our customers to understand objectives, before establishing a strategy and designing a project to achieve them.

To ensure prompt execution of your aptamer selection project, Aptamer Group has developed in-house Standard Operating Procedures and project management processes to ensure we deliver.

Continual project review by our senior scientists ensures appropriate resource allocation.

The aptamer selection  process utilises our automated high-throughput robotic selection platform. This enables rapid delivery of aptamers with the required specificity and binding characterisitics – monoclonal aptamers typically being delivered in 12 weeks.