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Aptamers have been cited in the literature for over 20 years and with better stability, smaller size, and structure switching properties have advantages over other binding reagents such as antibodies. When dealing with small molecules and proteins within complex target environments current binding reagents may not be optimal and long term they may not the best approach for cost and consistency compared to aptamers.

AGARO™ Program

Development of custom aptamers can be costly and we want to facilitate as much as possible access to custom reagents. To address this, we are currently offering our novel aptamer selection service at a discounted rate through our AGARO™ Program. The program allows development and access to research use only reagents (though licensing will be available) in an effort to improve exploration of complex target and matrix environments and broaden aptamer use.

An aptamer which changes it’s shape during binding. This leads to an ‘On’ signal from the FRET pair.

Comparing healthy to disease state cells using aptamers

3 of our aptamers being used to specifically identify different stages of throat cancer.

To find out more about aptamers and some of their interesting applications:

Aptamer Selection Technology and Recent Advances
Aptamers and Their Biological Applications

We have been selecting aptamers against a range of targets in a range of conditions. Here are some examples of these:

ELISA-like Assay in a range of conditions
Affinity chromatography
Biosensor Development
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