14th Febuary 2018

We are excited to announce that our Chief Technical Officer, Dr. David Bunka,  will be a Guest Editor for a special issue of Chemosensors – Aptamer Technologies. This issue will focus on recent advances in aptamer technology and its application in sensor development. This is a great opportunity for the world of aptamer based sensors and allows writers and researchers to showcase the advancements the aptamer community have been making.

Examples of topics will include biosensors, security, food safety, antimicrobial resistance, flow technologies, such as lateral flow and functionalized flow reactors, point of care diagnostics, and more fundamental research into sensing technologies.  With such a broad range of topics covered, we are sure that this will be an eye opening view of how the world of aptamers is changing.

The deadline for submission of 30th September 2018 and you can find out more about the submission process here.

We look forward to reading about your work and presenting the best the world can offer.

If you have any questions regarding the development of aptamers for use in these areas please do not hesitate to contact our team at info@aptamergroup.co.uk