19 April 2016

Aptamer Group Launch Aptabind!

Biological therapeutics have become highly popular in the fight against a range of diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer and degenerative neurological conditions. They often rely on production of proteins inside biological systems including bacterial and fungal cells, meaning that purification of the proteins is essential to obtain a highly purified form of the therapeutic with the exclusion of residual bacterial and fungal material. Using their proprietary technology, Aptamer Group has developed a unique technique to generate aptamers – short pieces of DNA with binding capabilities – to form the basis of a novel therapeutics purification platform, Aptabind.

Dr Arron Tolley, Chief Executive Officer at Aptamer Group said, “The development of the Aptabind technology represents a big leap for the company and for the affinity chromatography market, which we hope will benefit the global biotechnology market.”

In the purification market, a number of purification systems require antibodies to isolate the target of interest. Whilst antibodies have a good degree of success in most cases, they suffer from many drawbacks that make purification with aptamers a more economical and precise option.

Dr David Bunka, Chief Technical Officer said, “Unlike antibodies, aptamers are made entirely synthetically with no animal involvement and can therefore have their properties tuned to overcome the limitations of antibody platforms.  This leads to greater levels of purification at a reduced cost base which means this technology could represent a paradigm shift in the purification of biological therapeutics” Aptamer Group aims to partner with companies who have a strong interest in purification.

The Aptabind service has been launched at the prestigious conference, Aptamers 2016 on the 4th and 5th April. The development of Aptabind is the newest addition to the Aptamer Group portfolio, which includes Aptamer Solutions, Aptamer Diagnostics, Aptamer Therapeutics and Aptasort. The business is currently going from strength to strength, with the recruitment of new key staff, expansion of lab and office facilities and delivery of several keystone projects to major pharmaceutical companies across the globe.

To find out more contact Casey Woodward, Head of Business Development: casey.woodward@aptamergroup.co.uk