19th October 2018.

This month data on our new improved delivery standard, webinar with Pall ForteBio, and interesting applications in targeted treatment and environmental detection of small molecules.

Following on from a successful Series A investment and lots of new data ongoing for multiple applications in the commercial and academic space the Aptamer Group would like to share with you information monthly that may be of interest for your research and business goals.

The goal of this succinct but informative email is to keep you updated on aptamer research both at Aptamer Group and in general in applications such as bio and cell based assay development, biosensors, flow cytometry, bioprocess and other in vivo applications.

As always, we would love to hear from you to discuss how aptamers can be utilised as the preferred affinity/binding molecules in your research, diagnostics, drug discovery and drug development programs.

Novel Solutions – OptimerTM 

Optimised aptamer selection against small molecule targets in less than three months

To date, Aptamer Group has selected aptamers against a multitude of small molecule targets where antibodies were not applicable or poorly performing. Using our automated proprietary selection method that does not require target modification, we have unparalleled success rates in the identification of high affinity, highly specific binders to small molecule targets.

Recently we unveiled our minimal fragment identification process as the new standard in development services with delivery of OptimersTM.  Using this optimised process in one of our most recent projects for a global top 5 pharma company we developed high affinity highly specific binders for a novel class of antibiotics in less than 10 weeks.  Furthermore, our OptimersTM are selected, and can be shown to be functional, in a range of different matrices such as plasma, saliva, sweat, milk and urine in a range of assay formats including, ELISA and various biosensor platforms.

You can learn more about OptimersTM here.  

Upcoming Events: Webinar

Flexible Monitoring of Small Molecules in Complex Matrices with Aptamer Affinity Reagents using Bio-Layer Interferometry November 7th, 2018 – 10am PST

The Aptamer Group is pleased to work with Pall ForteBio on this informative webinar.  Aptamer Group uses Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) to screen and characterize the interactions of aptamers with their respective targets. The Octet® and BLItz® platforms help develop assays and give proof of concept data for the use of aptamers in other applications; like protein purification or small molecule-protein diagnostic applications.

By taking advantage of the conformational change in the aptamers upon target binding, the Octet system was implemented for high-throughput screening and characterization of aptamers against small molecule targets (~300Da). The resulting aptamers can, in turn, be used for screening samples for the presence of the target small molecule compound.

This webinar will present data to show the versatility of the BLI platforms with example data from Optimers™ for different aptamer based applications, with a focus on small molecule detection and quantification. Click to register.

In Review

Targeted Treatment – read more

The July issue of European Bio-pharmaceutical Review was all about affinity ligands. As aptamer experts we were asked to write a review on aptamers  as alternative affinity ligands in drug conjugates for Targeted Treatments.

Aptamer-Based Biosensors for Antibiotic Detection: A Review – read more

Review of aptasensors for small molecule environmental detection

Coming Soon

Watch for updates on our progress in strategic partnerships and our exciting purification and ApDC developments.
We hope you have enjoyed the October new update- if you would like information on any of the topics we have covered or anything else, please do not hesitate to get in touchor use the form below.