A guest seminar by Dr David Bunka

In October Dr David Bunka (CTO, Aptamer Group) visited the University of Manchester to deliver a seminar introducing aptamers and the variety of applications where they can be used. This seminar enabled members within the university to find out how aptamers can be used in their research. Having designed aptamers for specific functions, Dave was able to talk in great detail, with examples, regarding applications involving small molecule, protein and whole cell targets. (To learn more about the uses of aptamers, watch our webinar series: Aptamers, a viable alternative or adjunct to antibodies)

“Dave gave a great look at the different applications where aptamers can be used. This was really helpful for the future of my work.” Ke (Caro) Zhang

This seminar also enabled discussion to explore how people are using aptamers within the university. Helen, who attended said “One of the most useful things was meeting other people who are working with aptamers and sharing knowledge. I now have contacts, inside and outside of university, who I can reach out to for advice.”

This event also allowed Dr Bunka to speak with individuals about the research they are conducting. Three posters were presented to Aptamer Group, demonstrating how aptamers are being used in the University of Manchester.

Aptamer Poster University of Manchester Human Tyrosine-Protein Kinase

Figure 1- Expressing wild/mutated forms of human tyrosine-protein kinase ABL1 fused eGFP recombinant proteins in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems. Ke (Caro) Zhang

Aptamer Poster Riboswitches Biosensors University of Manchester

Figure 2 – Re-engineering Riboswitches as Tuneable Biosensors. Helen M. C. Taylor

Aptamer Poster University of Manchester RNA aptamers Small Molecules

Figure 3 – In vitro selection of novel RNA aptamers for in vivo sensing of small molecules. Ross Kent.

By having multiple scientists from different disciplines meet to share ideas and experience, we can encourage discussion to drive innovation.

If you want to introduce aptamer technology to your colleagues Aptamer Group would be very happy to run a seminar for this purpose.

Please email info@aptamergroup.co.uk or call +44 1904 567 790 for more details.