Using aptamers in different matrices

11th June 2019
There is a misconception that aptamer can only be used across a limited range of conditions or matrices. At Aptamer Group we start our aptamer selections with the end application in mind and generate our aptamers using conditions which closely resemble the end application. However, this shouldn’t restrict the possibilities of where an […]

Aptamers in food diagnostics

21st May 2019
Food and environmental monitoring is one of the most important aspects of dealing with recent threats to human well-being and ecosystems. Ensuring food safety is a top priority of authorities and professional players in the food supply chain.

One of the key challenges to determine the safety of food and guarantee a high level […]

Literature Review: Detecting glioblastoma biomarker aptamers from whole cell SELEX in body fluids

22nd January 2019
Glioma is an often invasive cancer displaying a heterogeneous cell population derived from transformed glial cells. To date there are limited trustworthy biomarkers for the detection and risk stratification of glioma. The objective of the present research was to select DNA aptamers to facilitate early diagnosis and effective therapy of glioma.

Aptamers were developed […]

Aptamer Group Recognised as a Top Tech Firm

28th September 2018
Aptamer Group has been recognised as one of BusinessCloud’s top businesses in the digital and technology sector in Yorkshire and Humberside.

The list features emerging and successful technology companies and was compiled through nominations, recommendations from industry peers and first-hand research.

Aptamer Group featured at number 6 on the list.