1st June 2018

We are very pleased to announce that Mateja Vidic has completed and been awarded her PhD for the Development of DNA Aptamers Specific for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer by the University of Ljubljana, Slovenija. Her experience in aptamer selection and application is a valuable asset to our lab and we are very proud to see her be recognised for her hard work.

“Lung cancer has the one of the highest incidence and death rate among all types of cancer. When lung cancer patients are diagnosed at the late stage, it is rarely curable; thus, early diagnosis is one way to improve lung cancer patients’ survival rate. Detection of circulating lung cancer cells would represent an improved diagnostic tool to indicate metastasising tumours at  an early stage, contributing to better prognosis of the disease. To address this issue, this dissertation aimed to design aptamers for lung cancer cells, as alternatives to antibodies for detection of circulating cancer cells with stem cells characteristics as a novel tool for diagnosis and following the progression of lung cancer.”

To read Mateja’s thesis please complete these details and we will send you a link to the document.