Custom Development Applications

We can help you integrate aptamers into a broad range of applications.

The successful development of an ‘immunoassay’ is dependent upon the antibodies being highly specific and having a high affinity for their target. Cross-reactivity with other targets is often one of the biggest drawbacks of antibody diagnostic development. Aptamers can be tailored to have the required specificity, reducing downstream optimisation/screening. Aptamers can also be developed in a wider variety of matrices. Aptamers can be developed under a wider variety or conditions than is possible with antibodies. This simplifies assay development in complex matrices. Aptamer Diagnostics have the technical expertise to provide you with highly functional monoclonal and polyclonal aptamers in record time at reasonable costs.

Aptamers are compatible with various applications, such as biomarker discovery, target diagnosis, molecular imaging, and drug delivery due to their readily modified chemical structures and the wide range of targets to which they bind. Aptamers can bind to their targets specifically via unique three-dimensional structures. Our proprietary aptamers selection process allows us to generate aptamers with high affinity and specificity for many kinds of targets, such as biomedically important proteins, viruses, bacteria, and even cancer cells or tissues.

Aptamers are not antibodies and behave differently in certain situations. Before attempting to directly replace an antibody with an aptamer it is worth speaking to one of our dedicated team about the possible implications.