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We are dedicated to continually improving our service offering. As part of this improvement process, we have recently validated our automated Minimal Aptamer Fragment Identification (MAFI) process for the identification of kinetically optimised aptamers; Optimers.

Optimers have multiple advantages over their ‘parent’ aptamer sequence; including reduced cost of production, increased synthesis yield, specificity and affinity. This makes the minimisation an essential step in the development of the highest quality reagents against cellular, protein or small molecular targets.

Once you have your Optimer we can help you integrate it into your application through Aptamer Diagnostics or Aptamer Therapeutics.

Benefits of Optimers

  • Minimising the aptamer sequence reduces the cost of production and increases the yield.
  • Reagent binding kinetics and specificity often improves after optimisation.
  • Assay sensitivity can also increase using an Optimer.