Small Molecules

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Small Molecules

Small Molecule Targeting

Raising affinity ligands against small molecule targets has always been difficult. Using our proprietary adaptation of aptamer selection methods we have isolated Optimers against numerous small molecule targets.

Unlike other affinity ligands, the flexibility of aptamers and Optimers allows them to form a ‘cage’ around their small molecule target This enables the Optimers to discriminate between closely related targets. Optimer binding relies on a conformational change, which may be exploited in a number of assay formats; including ELISA-like assays, Lateral Flow Devices etc.

Commercial Validation

  • Compatible with formats routinely used in diagnostic laboratories (ELISA, LFD).
  • Enables the detection of molecules where antibodies are not available.
  • 90% success rate in developing reagents where antibody approach fails.
  • Functional in a range of matrices (plasma, milk, river water etc.)