Aptamer Selection Process

From initial discussions to the final product, your real world application is our primary objective.

Our aptamer selection process begins with a feasibility study to determine key parameters for successful aptamer selection and tailor the conditions to suit your needs, such as buffer requirements and matrix conditions. This allows us to directly select against your complex system and deliver the best aptamer for your application. We select with the end in mind.

Once we have demonstrated feasibility and established suitable conditions, we then begin our proprietary automated aptamer selection process. Our high throughput approach allows multiple targets to be processed in parallel and our tailored approach allows the selection against complex targets, without compromising on quality.

Rather than screening our aptamers by relative abundance, through NextGen sequencing (NGS) for example, we take a more active approach and screen our aptamers based on their quality and function; it’s quality – not quantity.

Following the identification of an aptamer with the required properties, we develop your Optimer™. We isolate these Optimers™ using our automated Minimal Aptamer Fragment Identification (MAFI) screening process, to remove the non-binding sequences in aid of increasing binding affinity and lowering downstream costs for you.

At every step of the way, you have complete control over the project. Following each key stage of aptamer selection, from feasibility study to Optimer™ production, we deliver reports outlining the results so far and discuss progression with you. These ‘stop/go’ points allow greater control over the project and allow you oversight over the process as a whole.