Next Generation Diagnostics

Aptamer-Based Diagnostics

Aptamer Diagnostics specialises in the development, modification and integration of aptamers into a wide variety of diagnostic and detection platforms like ELISA-like assays, Lateral Flow Devices, Biosensors, Cell and Tissue Imaging and  Aptamer Beacons.

Aptamers are ideal for customers who wish to diversify their product portfolio, develop new lines of products, develop diagnostic kits with standardised reagents, extended shelf-life, or remove the need for cold chain supply.

We have adapted commonly used diagnostic platforms to incorporate aptamers into familiar formats. The benefits of the aptamer selection process mean that these assays can be made available for targets previously seen as difficult for these assays.

For special applications, our experienced R&D team works hand-in-hand with you to develop new diagnostic assays ensuring  that our aptamers will perform best in your real world application.

Case Study

Antibody problem

Antibodies were unable to discriminate between the active form of a chemotherapeutic and its metabolites. Assay development was further complicated by high background signals from non-specific interactions with plasma.

Aptamer Solution

Highly specific aptamers were selected against the chemotherapeutic agent. Counter-selection steps were included to ensure that the aptamers discriminated between the active drug and its metabolites. Plasma was included during aptamer selections to ensure that the aptamers function in human plasma.

The resulting aptamers show excellent discrimination and a linear concentration dependent response spanning the therapeutic concentration range.

Small molecule binding aptamers immobilised on a BioLayer Interferometry sensor probe shows discrimination between closely related targets (right). The aptamer shows strong binding to the chemotherapeutic target (green) but not to the main metabolite (blue) or negative target (red). The structural difference between the chemotherapeutic and its metabolite is shown and highlighted in the red circle. The target also shows a concentration dependent response which is linear over the therapeutic window for this drug (centre); meaning the aptamer is suitable for monitoring patient plasma drug levels (left).

Diagnostics Applications

Lateral Flow Devices


Flow Cytometry

Aptamer Beacons