Diagnostics Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Aptamer Diagnostics Ltd is committed to working with our partners to bring aptamer-based diagnostic products to the market.

We work with R&D and academic partners on collaborative diagnostic development projects and with industry on contract development projects.

  • APTA-DX has a technically superior approach to aptamer development.
  • We use a proprietary, fully automated aptamer selection process, which means that better aptamers are delivered to the customer faster than the competing technologies.
  • We deliver the optimised binder, the minimum functional aptamer fragment, (OptimerTM) as standard and is cost-effective.
  • Our evidence-based approach, where individual aptamers are isolated following proof of binding at the pool level means you only spend your money where this is likely to be successful.
  • Our approach is particularly suited for applications where:
    • You have tried to make monoclonals in the past and failed.
    • The target antigen may be in a cross-linked, fixed form.
    • For small molecules, where our novel, patented “gain of signal” assay format boosts sensitivity.