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Congratulations to Dr Mateja Vidic

1st June 2018

We are very pleased to announce that Mateja Vidic has completed and been awarded her PhD for the Development of DNA Aptamers Specific for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer by the University of Ljubljana, Slovenija. Her experience in aptamer selection and application is a valuable asset to our lab and we are very proud […]

New licenses for Aptamer Group aptamers for innovative diagnostic development

Exclusive licence deals to follow successful custom aptamer selection
25th May 2018
Aptamer Group is pleased to announce that we are now working on multiple projects where long term licencing deals have been negotiated with customers based in the UK and USA. This is an important ongoing commercial strategy for us and we look forward to developing […]

Aptamers excel as binding reagents in ELISA replacement assays for antibiotics in complex media such as plasma, milk and others

18th May 2018.

Traditionally small molecules, such as antibiotics, have been difficult targets for ELISA development. Aptamer Group has selected aptamers that bind to small molecules, previously inaccessible to other binding technologies. Utilising our state-of-the-art automation and parallel processing techniques, we can select high affinity and highly specific aptamers against small molecule targets, in solution. These […]

Biosensors developed using aptamers distinguish between closely related small molecules

4th May 2018

Development of biosensors for the detection of small molecules is notoriously difficult due to the lack of suitable antibodies and the relatively small signals, which result upon small molecule binding to them. At Aptamer Group we select aptamers that bind to small molecules with high specificity and undergo a substantial conformational change that gives […]

Cell Imaging – Aptamers can monitor the different stages of cancer

18th April 2018
Previously we introduced aptamers as a tool for cell specific staining. Here we have taken this technology a step further to demonstrate that aptamers can monitor disease progression in cancer.

By utilising our selection methodology, we can rapidly isolate aptamers against cells in different disease states. Through this process we have been able to identify […]

Cell specific staining

Cell specific staining in Confocal Imaging
Over the next few weeks we are going to look at examples of where we have developed aptamers for cell imaging.

One of the most common methods for understanding the structure and function of biological systems is through confocal microscopy. Cell imaging technologies have been advancing at a rapid pace, however […]

Aptamer Group establishes reach in the US

With the continued success of our UK based sales team, we would like to welcome Lisa Thurston as an ambassador for Aptamer Group in the United States of America.

Lisa has Masters degrees in both Biology and Business Administration to best support evolving biotechnology research and business needs.  Most recently Lisa has supported new emerging product […]

Appointment of Non-executive Director: Paul Armstrong

5th March, 2018

Aptamer Group Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Armstrong to our board, effective immediately, as Non-executive Director.  Paul comes to us with a strong background in the antibody and research reagents sector, most recently with Abcam.  Paul will advise us on our strategic direction in our commercial operations and overall […]

Aptamer Group to Guest Edit a Special Issue of Chemosensors

14th Febuary 2018
We are excited to announce that our Chief Technical Officer, Dr. David Bunka,  will be a Guest Editor for a special issue of Chemosensors – Aptamer Technologies. This issue will focus on recent advances in aptamer technology and its application in sensor development. This is a great opportunity for the world of aptamer […]

Aptamer Group visits the University of Manchester

A guest seminar by Dr David Bunka
In October Dr David Bunka (CTO, Aptamer Group) visited the University of Manchester to deliver a seminar introducing aptamers and the variety of applications where they can be used. This seminar enabled members within the university to find out how aptamers can be used in their research. Having designed […]