Working in Partnership

We are looking to form collaborative partnerships within industry, government agencies and academic partners.

We have several projects underway which include on-going work with UK and international universities to provide access to aptamer technology on a fee-for-service or collaborative basis. We also work with leading scientists, medical specialists and technology companies in order to encourage growth, diversity and business opportunity through our supply chains and networks.

If you have an innovative idea for an aptamer use in the biotechnology sector then contact our innovation team to discuss funding/collaborative options.

Please email:

or call + 44 (0)1904 567 790

Examples of Funded Research Projects

Partnership with Sharp

Competition Title: Technology Strategy Board CR&D Competition
Project Title: Low Cost Nanowire Diagnostic Platform
Lead Organisation: Sharp Laboratories of Europe Ltd
Total Grant Awarded: £2.5 Million

This is a collaborative project between the University of Southampton, Sharp Laboratories Europe, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology and Aptamer Diagnostics. The project will develop a prototype device for the diagnosis and management of respiratory diseases, such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The device will measure the amounts of clinically relevant biomarkers in a drop of patient blood and give a reading in the clinic. This will enable rapid assessment and hence a more timely treatment. The approaches used in this project will be applicable to other diseases, so in the longer term the technology has the potential to provide a single, clinic-based diagnostic instrument with interchangeable cartridges, facilitating screening of a range of diseases. The project therefore aims to provide the technological means for more regular screening for complex diseases thereby facilitating disease prevention and early intervention.

Partnership Forsite Diagnistics

Competition Title: Technology Strategy Board: Feasibility Studies for Technology-Inspired Innovation – Biosciences
Project Title: Incorporating aptamers into lateral flow devices to evaluate their use in the manufacturing of on-site test kits
Lead Organisation: Forsite Diagnostics Ltd
Total Grant Awarded: £32,736

Two Yorkshire based companies (Forsite Diagnostics Ltd and Aptamer Solutions Diagnostics Ltd) will develop a collaboration through this feasibility study. This will bring their respective expertise and harness the use of aptamers within lateral flow devices. The methodologies developed in this project will enable the routine use of aptamers in commercially available products through existing contract service offers. This will help to fulfil the growing requirements for onsite or Point-of-Care testing across life science industries. Aptamers hold the potential to replace antibodies, traditionally used in lateral flow devices and enable tests to be developed which were previously unobtainable, not cost effective or lacked the performance required by the customer.

Partnership Paraytec

Competition Title: Technology Strategy Board CR&D Competition
Project Title: Novel Use of Aptamers and UV Area Imaging for Disease Detection
Lead Organisation: Paraytec
Total Grant Awarded: £149,632

This project brings together the innovative detection technology of Paraytec Ltd with the target recognition technology provided by Aptamer Diagnostic Ltd to create the next generation of detection instruments. These novel platforms will allow rapid field and point-of-care diagnosis based on multiplex detection of markers of disease or contamination. Simultaneous detection of multiple markers will reduce the ambiguity associated with diagnostic systems which look for single markers. It will also save both time and expense associated with routine laboratory based sample screening, allowing them to focus on samples where more detailed analysis is required.

Partnership FERA

Competition Title: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Horizon Scanning and Futures
Project Title: Horizon scanning feasibility study using aptamers for development of species specific Phytophthora ramorum
field test kit.
Lead Organisation: The Food and Environmental Research Agency (DEFRA, FERA)