28 July 2016

Last year we were selected finalists for the York Press Business Awards for the Best Business & Higher Education Link Award, 2015. It was a great honour to be recognised, as avid supporters of Higher Education and helping improve  the next generations’ skills in the workplace.

Shortly after the awards, we were contacted by Professionals UK, a company who provide unpaid professional volunteer internships across the UK. We were asked whether we would be interested in providing placements for students who wanted to gain valuable work experience for their future career development.  We were very interested in learning more about the benefits to the students and to us, as a company and could not pass down the opportunity to support a great programme.

The internship offers the student a number of benefits:

  • Valuable work experience related to study
  • Improved CV and career prospects
  • Opportunity to practice and improve English skills
  • Opportunity to work internationally

It was great to see that a number of students were interested in working for Aptamer Group. We were lucky enough to find two enthusiastic interns who had a great deal of knowledge in the biology and biomedical sectors and have been able to transfer their skills to our working labs.

Both Goncalo (from Portugal) and Lies (from France) have shown great enthusiasm to learn and develop their skills and have been tasked with working on a number of small projects which have been an incredible help to the team here at Aptamer.

We caught up with Lies to get his thoughts on working as an intern at Aptamer Group:

 “Looking for a first work experience in a lab, Aptamer Group gave me this opportunity. Their activity perfectly matches with what I learned, it allowed me to confirm and practice what I knew and to discover new skills that will be useful for my career. But more than that, which make my experience exceptional is those who bring this lab alive on a daily basis: since the first day they make me feel comfortable. I used to say that English people are really kind and my stay here just confirms what I thought. It’s so pleasant to work in a such atmosphere, with friendly people and without stress. This month has definitely confirmed that for my future career I would like to work in a lab.”