Exclusive licence deals to follow successful custom aptamer selection
25th May 2018

Aptamer Group is pleased to announce that we are now working on multiple projects where long term licencing deals have been negotiated with customers based in the UK and USA. This is an important ongoing commercial strategy for us and we look forward to developing more strategic partnerships moving forward.

These collaborations will focus on the development of novel aptamer-based diagnostics for evolving platforms for cancer and pathogen detection. Our technology has been vital in building relationships where there is a need for highly specific affinity reagents which are amenable to GMP commercial manufacture.


Dr Dermot Pearson, Chief Commercial Officer, Aptamer Group, commented:

“These licencing agreements offer a very promising future for aptamers in a diagnostic context. Aptamer technology suits our partners’ needs perfectly and being able to work with them on these projects is very exciting. At this early stage of commercialisation such successes are important factors in building awareness and adoption of aptamer technology, which is essential to allowing us to deliver on our strategy of executing therapeutic and diagnostic licensing deals.”


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