With the continued success of our UK based sales team, we would like to welcome Lisa Thurston as an ambassador for Aptamer Group in the United States of America.

Lisa has Masters degrees in both Biology and Business Administration to best support evolving biotechnology research and business needs.  Most recently Lisa has supported new emerging product and services companies in a variety of operational areas including outsource management, histology services, antibody reagents and biosensor instrumentation.  Prior to that she was responsible for global strategic and business development and services offerings initiatives for a USA based services company. She brings extensive experience in account management, business collaborations and successfully nurturing embryonic businesses from early stage inception. She successfully focused on market development, strategic planning and operations to facilitate substantial growth of the business.

With a strong background in both antibody and aptamer development and use,  Lisa will bring a knowledgeable approach and deep understanding of research applications to any project discussion.  She has been involved in aptamer conversations in a variety of platform areas such as biosensors, affinity separations, lateral flow and other binding assays, and with a range of targets from small molecules to large proteins.  Having spent time doing research at the bench and also with years of collaborative strategic business development experience Lisa is well poised to understand both your scientific and business needs to bring optimum value to any organization interested in aptamer development.

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