Use of peptide aptamers to generate resistance against plant viruses

Viruses can cause severe infectious symptoms not only in humans and animals but also in plants serving as a threat to the production of agricultural crops. Therefore, prevention of plant virus infections is a major objective in crop protection. There are various traditional strategies for controlling the viral diseases such as crop rotation, pathogen free […]

Real time aptamer-based tracking of circulating therapeutic drugs

The goal of personalized medicine is to precisely tailor treatment to the individual. To this end, the ability to measure drugs in the body rapidly and in real time would hold the promise to revolutionalise healthcare by delivering the right drug, at the right dose, and at the right time. The development of such technologies […]

Aptasensors for rapid and reliable detection of abused drugs

Drug abuse continues to be a growing global concern, causing serious health and economic implications worldwide. These drugs are known to be a strong stimulant to the central nervous system, driving up levels of dopamine, a hormone producing an additive feeling of euphoria.

Overuse or abuse of such drugs has shown to cause many adverse effects […]

Aptamer based assay for sensitive detection of antibiotics in food and water samples

Antibiotics have been widely used in human medicine, aquaculture and agriculture to treat serious infectious diseases. However, overuse and misuse of antibiotics in some areas have contributed to the residues of antibiotic contaminants in water bodies and food products such as meat and dairy. This misuse has resulted in generation of super bacteria with tolerance […]

Aptamers in the battle against COVID19

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Aptamer based biosensors for rapid and sensitive detection of toxins

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Applications of aptamers as GPCR targeting drugs

The current wave of COVID-19 infections around the globe has resulted from a novel coronavirus employing its spike glycoprotein to bind with the protein binding sites of the host cells. These virus particles have the notorious tendency to proteolytically generate mutated biologically active fragments involved in signal transduction pathway resulting in the proliferation and transmission […]

  • Aptamer-based COVID-19 diagnostics

Aptamers based ELISA for virus detection – A strong potential in combatting COVID-19 battle

27th April 2020
Currently, viral infection is a serious threat for human beings. The world is facing a global pandemic associated with the COVID-19 virus, for which virulence and infectious dose data are still emerging. With almost 3,025,732 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide and 209,001 deaths as of 27th April 2020 as per WHO, accurate and […]

Applications of aptamers in protein detection and purification

14th April 2020
Although the world is focused on the COVID-19 virus, it is the envelope proteins that are helping companies to develop all important tests.
Benefits of Aptamers for Protein Applications
Proteins play significant roles in the physiological and pathological mechanisms of living organisms including human beings. There is an increased demand for convenient methodologies for detecting, […]

Applications of Aptamers in Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

Cancer histopathology is currently the preferred method for detecting microscopic anatomical changes in tissue sections, making the discovery of cancer biomarkers critical for early diagnosis and treatment. Antibodies have been used extensively as the molecular probes; however, the production of antibodies requires a series of complicated and time-consuming processes.

There is no question that aptamers can […]