19 February 2016

We are delighted to announce that our CTO Dr David Bunka has been invited to speak at SMIs 7tH Annual conference on RNA Therapeutics on the 16th February 2016.

The 2016 RNA Therapeutics conference will hone in on some key developments currently shaping the industry, and putting the spotlight on messenger RNA-based Therapeutics.

It will review clinical trial updates in oncology, cardiovascular injury, and ophthalmology, and open the floor for discussion to review existing and emerging concepts in delivery systems, oligonucleotides, aptamer-conjugates as well as messenger RNA therapeutics.

Dr Bunka will be presenting ‘Aptamers as delivery vehicles targeting tumour cells’. The main points of discussion will be:

  • Automated selection of cell targeted aptamers
  • RNAi in literature with aptamers

If you are interested in attending please get in touch.