08 July 2016

It’s time to get to know one of our longest serving employees, Katie Lockwood who runs the office and keeps us all in check! Katie started with us as an Administrator but has quickly expanded her skills and now is our Group Office Manager. Let’s chat to Katie and get her thoughts on Aptamer Group!

Hi Katie, tell us little bit about your job and what you do on a daily basis?

I oversee the day to day running of the office and make sure everyone involved is happy and understands their responsibilities. My role is very varied, one day I could be looking at the HR department then the following day I will be focusing on Marketing.

You joined Aptamer in 2014. What are the biggest changes you have seen within the company over the past 2 years?

Since I joined, we have expanded offices, grown the team and developed the laboratory. All of these are big changes, and have seen Aptamer Group develop as a company both internally and externally.

What particular projects have you enjoyed working on over the past few years?

I have really enjoyed working on our new company website as I think now we have a fresh new design which portrays our company more accurately. We are a young vibrant team who are here to help the scientific market and I feel that the site shows this. I always love working on conferences and arranging all the little bits which goes into attending a conference, there is a lot of work done behind the scenes!

What kind of skills do you need to be effective in your position?

For this role you require a number of skills but the one I think you need the most is organisational skills. With you taking on a number of roles, from events, marketing, and sales to HR you need to be able to organise your workload well and know where you are at with each project. Having a business management degree enabled me to learn about different aspects of business which has proven highly useful for this role.

Lastly, if you weren’t working in the Life Sciences sector what would you be doing?

The great thing about my skill is that they are easily transferable to any sector! I have always fancied working in a university or in the marketing area.

Cheers Katie! We will let you get back to your office duties.

If you require any further information, please email info@aptamergroup.co.uk