Working at Aptamer Group:

The continued success of Aptamer Group means that the scientific team continues to grow. One member who joined us this summer is Katriona.  Now she has had the chance to establish herself, we took the opportunity to catch up with her.Laboratory Technician

Hi Katriona, please tell us a little about yourself.

I am currently a student at the University of York studying my Master’s degree in Chemistry. In my second year I was able to do a 5 week work placement at the York Science Park assisting with facilities across the site.

What attracted you to the role at Aptamer Group?

I was looking for a job where I can gain experience for my scientific career. Working in an industrial laboratory is very different to an undergraduate lab in  University. As Aptamer Group is a biotech company, it is out of my discipline. This means I constantly get to learn new things.

What does a normal day look like?

My main responsibility is to ensure that the whole lab is able to run as smoothly as possible by making sure that everything is in place and ready for aptamer selection. This usually starts by cleaning and setting up the automation equipment. From there I move onto preparing buffers and gels for the day’s selection rounds.

How are you finding your role here at Aptamer Group?

I’m really enjoying it here. I’ve got to grips with my usual duties so I know which tasks will take certain amounts of time making it much easier to manage. Everyone is really friendly, but as I saw most of the team before I started, it was very easy to fit in.

Are there any particular aspects of the role that you enjoy the most?

Most of my responsibilities I deal with myself, so I really like it when I get to work with other people. This usually happens when someone needs help and they ask me to assist. It shows trust and confidence in me and I get to contribute to the company.

What skills do you need to be effective in your position?

The main skill needed is an attention to detail in everything, from time management to awareness for the health and safety requirements for the reagents I am working with. With all of this coming together I am able to do multiple jobs at once.

Thanks for your time today Katriona.


Having a great team is vital to ensure that aptamer selection is carried out to the best quality. If you want to find out more about aptamers and their applications please get in touch using the form below.