07 November 2016

This week we caught up with Amy Keelty, our Research Scientist at Aptamer Group! Amy has been working with the company for a number of months now and has become a valuable team member, so it was great to speak to her and learn a little bit more about her role.

Hi Amy, so you started here in May, what has been the best moment you have had so far?

Since starting here I have really enjoyed the opportunity that the company provides to develop my existing skills, gain new skills and grow as a scientist, which led to my promotion to Research Scientist, which was probably my best moment so far. As well as this, it has been a great experience to work with such a fantastic team of people on a daily basis, which makes working here at Aptamer Group even more enjoyable.

Since joining you have already been promoted from Laboratory Technician to Research Scientist, where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

I hope to carry on developing and gaining skills over the next 12 months, and to grow even further as a scientist within the company.

What are your normal day to day activities?

As a research scientist, my day to day activities include carrying out current selection processes on customer samples, as well as developing and optimising new and existing methods.

What is it that you most love about being a scientist?

I like problem solving and discovering new things, which ultimately fuelled my desire to become a scientist. I also like the way that being a scientist challenges me on a day to day basis, which makes this a very interesting job.

If you weren’t in this career what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t in this career, I would be pursuing my passion for animals, studying animal behaviour or working in wildlife conservation.

Thanks Amy, it has been great chatting; we will let you get back to your assay!

If you have any queries, please contact info@aptamergroup.co.uk