Use of peptide aptamers to generate resistance against plant viruses

Viruses can cause severe infectious symptoms not only in humans and animals but also in plants serving as a threat to the production of agricultural crops. Therefore, prevention of plant virus infections is a major objective in crop protection. There are various traditional strategies for controlling the viral diseases such as crop rotation, pathogen free […]

Applications of aptamers in protein detection and purification

14th April 2020
Although the world is focused on the COVID-19 virus, it is the envelope proteins that are helping companies to develop all important tests.
Benefits of Aptamers for Protein Applications
Proteins play significant roles in the physiological and pathological mechanisms of living organisms including human beings. There is an increased demand for convenient methodologies for detecting, […]

Applications of aptamers in detection and therapeutics of SARS-CoV

The world is currently gripped by the novel COVID-19 crisis caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which is a highly pathogenic viral respiratory illness. It is an enveloped positive sense single stranded RNA virus that enters its host by binding to the ACE2 receptor (Figure 1). Two strains of the virus have […]

Optimizing your PCR to avoid non-specific amplification – Aptamer mediated Hot start PCR to detect MERS-CoV

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is an established method to amplify specific fragments of DNA, for applications such as gene cloning, genetic fingerprinting and diagnosis of disease. Although PCR reactions have historically been set up at room temperature, this approach is highly susceptible to non-specific amplification. Such non-specific amplification often complicates data analysis and can even […]