The Reusability of Aptamers for Affinity Chromatography

23rd April 2019
We have often shown that aptamers make ideal ‘capture reagents’ for use in target specific affinity chromatography. Their flexible structure makes aptamers ideally suited for the specific binding and controlled release of their target, even in the presence of complex matrixes such as cell lysates or plasma.

During the aptamer selection process, we can […]

AptaBind: Enabling Improved Protein Purification with Aptamer-Mediated Affinity Chromatography (AMAC)

8 February 2017
 Aptamer Technology Platform

Aptamers (short, synthetic DNA- or RNA-based molecules) are developed at Aptamer Group under strict laboratory conditions utilising our automated high-throughput selection platform. Aptamers have flexible, sequence specific structures that can form complimentary surfaces to all or part of their target. This structural synergy facilitates strong electrostatic, hydrogen bonding or stacking interactions […]