Therapeutics Key Benefits

  • Small Size – the small size of aptamers enables for efficient tissue penetration and uptake. Aptamers can be engineered to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB).
  • Simple formatting, modification and engineering – our optimised binders can be readily functionalised and conjugated to a range of functional molecules.
  • Optimal Aptamer Drug Ratios (ApDRs) – Aptamer function and stability can be maintained when conjugating to drug molecules
  • No immunogenicity – aptamers are normally non-immunogenic and do not require humanisation
  • Multimeric affinity – aptamers can be multimerised to improve binding kinetics via avidity effects.
  • Bi-specific engineering – dual function or bi-specific aptamers can be easily created and optimised
  • Chemical synthesis – aptamers are chemically synthesised with virtually no batch-to-batch variability. Simple manufacturing and no cell culture contamination during manufacture.
  • Speed of development – fully automated discover accelerates hit-to-lead phase

Application areas:

  • Direct receptor agonists (bridging the gap small molecule and Mab)
  • Antagonists – blocking receptor-ligand interactions
  • Cell / Tissue specific delivery agent Aptamer-Drug Conjugate (ApDC)