Testimonials & Collaborations

We have had the opportunity to develop aptamers for a wide range of uses. These projects each came with their own challenges and criteria which our team needed to overcome. While most clients are prohibited from providing official endorsements, below are comments and feedback from a handful of the parties we have worked with.

“[We] collaborated with the Aptamer Group on an Innovate UK funded project in 2014. We really enjoyed working with the team at Aptamer Group and found them to be very competent scientists as well as nice people to work with. The outcome of the project is still having an influence on our business activities today. I also worked closely with Arron and David during 2016 on some internal project work and I know them to be extremely committed to the success of their business. I am sure our two businesses will collaborate again in the future.” – CEO, Diagnostic Company

“After trying various alternatives we reached out to Aptamer Group to see if their selection service could help. We were initially impressed by how quickly they responded to our enquiry. We stayed in regular contact throughout the course of the project with regular updates and data to show progress. This communication really helped me feel like I was part of the work and had control the whole way through.” – Project Leader, Top 10 Global Pharma

“We first started looking into aptamers last year as we wanted to monitor therapeutic levels In vitro. Working with Aptamer Group showed just how special aptamers really are. Their selection process is very adaptive and the team responded promptly to any questions we had. The aptamers function as required with very good binding affinity and specificity.” – Senior Researcher, Clinical Research Organisation


Potential customer targets include: small molecules, peptides, proteins, viruses, cells, whole organisms.

At Aptamer Group we can screen and select ‘monoclonal’ aptamers to a target within about 12 weeks of the project starting. This is dependent on the target being amenable to ‘standard’ procedures. Development and/or customisation of standard procedures may impact project duration.

The standard duration for each work phase is typically:

Feasibility Study, 1-2 weeks

Aptamer Selection Screen, 2-3 weeks

Polyclonal Aptamer Selection, 2-3 weeks

Selectivity Profiling, 1-2 weeks

Individual Aptamer Identification, 3-4 weeks

A ‘go/no go’ decision is made between each work phase. The decision to proceed is dependent on aptamers having appropriate binding characteristics as determined by biolayer interferometry (BLI). There is no obligation to proceed to the next phase, so the customer remains in control of the project at all times.

The timeframes presented for each phase are indicative and based on when each work phase is authorised to proceed and on a stand-alone basis, not from the start of the overall project.

As it is generated, project data will be provided to the Customer for review and decision making. Aptamer Group will be pleased to establish a regular project update phone call to monitor progress and facilitate ongoing communication.